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Super Sense Of Smell During Pregnancy

1st Trimester Pregnancy

Super Smell During PregnancyDiscovered you’ve gained a new (and unwanted) super-power?

Many women gain the power of super smell when they’re pregnant, particularly during the first trimester.

This ‘power’ has evolved to help protect mums-to-be from ingesting poisons or toxins that could harm her or her unborn child.

With super smell, you’re far less likely to accidentally pour sour milk in your morning coffee or eat spoiled ham on your sandwich!

Scientists also believe that for some women, this heightened sense of smell actually leads to morning sickness, in which case you’re probably off the coffee anyway!

So what’s going on?

Like so many pregnancy symptoms, your powers of super smell are a result of pregnancy hormones, in this case estrogen.

In fact, studies have shown that heightened levels of estrogen can even affect the senses of non-pregnant women.

Short of plugging your nose or wearing a mask for nine months, the best strategy is to try and reduce your chances of coming into contact with scents that you know cause problems.

Now might be a good time to switch up who’s doing the cooking at home in the evenings.

If the scent of scrambled eggs sends your stomach into somersaults, try replacing them with a bowl of cereal. If you used to love tuna sandwiches for lunch, replace the fish with ham or chicken.

You may want to wash your clothes more frequently as the fibres can hold on to odours.

Switch to unscented or lightly scented deodorants, toiletries, laundry products, etc.

Above all, don’t be afraid to ask for extra consideration. Most people know that pregnant women have delicate senses of smell and will be happy to oblige.

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