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Telling Your Child About Their New Sibling

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Telling Your Children About Their New Sibling

One of the fun parts about being pregnant is making your baby announcement to your loved ones. There is no better news then that of a new baby on the way! Among the most important people to make this announcement to is your other children.

It really depends on the child as to how early you will want tell them and how they will react, but generally most children are excited by the news of becoming a new big brother or sister.

Children can have bouts of asking lots of questions and sometime they just need some time to process and may be quite coy. Don’t feel the need to go into intricate detail for each and every question right away. There’s plenty of time for that and this is big news to absorb, so keep it simple and light. If your child doesn’t seem interested or isn't asking any questions at all don’t be alarmed, this is very common.

If you want to get your child more involved, you could include him or her when you’re next using your doppler to listen to your baby’s heartbeat, or you could show them the pictures from the ultrasound and explain to them how big the bub is. An easy way to help your children grasp the idea of the size of your unborn baby is to make comparisons to the size of various fruits.

The role of a big brother or sister is something very special.

Start by explaining to your children what being a big brother or sister means. Simply talking to them about how they will be friends forever, and that they will be their new baby brother or sister's first ever friend can help your child feel excited and included.

Another great thing about being pregnant is that you have nine months to prepare for all these changes! So just take it one day at a time and enjoy their curious caring minds!

  • Start by explaining what being a big brother or sister means
  • Let them know they're about to gain a friend forever
  • Keep it simple, there's plenty of time for detail later
  • Including your child when you next use your doppler
  • Show your the ultrasound images
  • Be patient, this is a lot for curious minds to process

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