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What is a Fetal Heart Rate Doppler?

The Fetal Heart Rate Doppler (doppler) is a handheld ultrasound device which can detect and measure the fetal heart rate.

Dopplers do not detect sound or 'listen' via a microphone. The device works by sending short ultrasonic sound pulses into the directed area of the body. The device then interprets the returning echo and converts the signal into the fetal heartbeat you hear.

Hear My Baby dopplers are professional grade devices and have been carefully chosen for their ease of use, sensitivity and accuracy.

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Is doppler usage at home safe?

Dopplers have been continuously used and tested in Australia and around the world for decades with no adverse risks to mother or baby ever detected.

Hear My Baby dopplers are approved by the Federal Department of Health’s Therapeutic Goods Administration and meet Australian safety standards.

Fetal heart rate dopplers should not be used for diagnostic or medical purposes by anyone other than a medical professional and are not a substitute for regular prenatal care by your medical practitioner. Any concerns about your pregnancy should always be addressed to your care provider.

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Will I be able to use the doppler on my own?

Yes! Of course, learning to use your doppler can take a bit of practice, especially early in your pregnancy. We've included an easy to follow guide full of tips and always happy help if you feel like you could benefit from some advice.

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What if I don't hear a heartbeat straight away?

Not finding your baby's heartbeat straight away can be frustrating. Don't worry, for most women this can be quite normal. Remember, there's a lot happening inside your belly and more than just your baby moving and growing.

Be patient. A glass of cold water can help to get a baby moving.

Any concerns about your pregnancy should always be addressed to your care provider.

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How early can the doppler pick up my baby's heartbeat?

A doppler can detect your baby's heartbeat from as early as 10-12 weeks.

Depending on the shape of the woman and size and position of the baby, sometimes it may be later than this.

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How will I know if I'm hearing my baby's heartbeat or my own?

Your baby’s heartbeat will be about twice your own heart rate and have a very distinctive sound, not unlike the galloping of horse hooves.

It's likely that you will also be able to hear other sounds, such as the whooshing of the placental blood flow or your own arterial flow.

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Do I need ultrasound gel?

You do. To ensure a clear signal and minimise static interference, the doppler needs a layer of ultrasound gel between the probe and your belly. We've included 60ml (about 2 months supply for most users) of ultrasound gel in the box so you can get started right away. If you need more, you can order additional gel from the Hear My Baby website.

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Is there a minimum hire period?

The minimum hire period is one month.

We're sure you'll love your Hear My Baby product! However if you're not completely satisfied with your hire or purchase, we offer a 7 day money back guarantee on all of our devices.

Simply send your device back (in all its original packaging) and we’ll refund your money less the cost of delivery and return.

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Is there a maximum hire period?

You are welcome to hire your device for as long as you like. However you might like to purchase your doppler outright if you are considering an extended hire period.

All hire fees paid to date will be deducted from the purchase price of the doppler should you decide to purchase it.

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My delivery is coming to work, but I haven't told them I'm pregnant?

Your parcel is plain packaged (without the Hear My Baby name or logo showing) to protect your privacy.

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What happens when I'm finished with my doppler hire?

Simply place the device including the batteries back in the original packaging. Any remaining ultrasound gel is yours to keep.

Place the package inside the prepaid return satchel that was included with your delivery.

Lodge the satchel over the counter with staff at your local Australia Post office.** NO payment will be required.

** Please be aware that billing ceases once Australia Post notify us of your return. Failure to lodge with staff over the counter can result in delays and additional hire charges may apply until your device is received and returned to stock.

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Why choose a Hear My Baby doppler?

There are plenty of inferior dopplers and fetal listeners on the market. Many don’t use ultrasound technology or meet Australian standards.

We've spent hundreds of hours testing and consulting with expecting mothers, experienced midwifery staff and device manufacturers to bring you Australia's best value professional grade fetal heart rate dopplers for use at home.

Hear My Baby dopplers are TGA certified, meet Australian safety standards and are trusted by parents and professionals worldwide. With a seven day satisfaction guarantee and the option to hire or buy, why risk anything less?

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Professional Services

Any concerns about your pregnancy always should be addressed to your care provider.

The following National Freecall numbers are available 24/7 all day, every day for additional support. Calls from landline are free.

Is it an emergency?
If you or someone else is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help, call triple zero immediately.

Triple Zero - Call 000

For counselling and support
Pregnancy, Birth and Baby is a phone and online service for all Australians. Speak with a trained counsellor for information, advice and counselling about all aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and your baby’s first year.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby - Call 1800 882 436

Medical question or problems?
If you have a health concern and you’re not sure what to do, you can call Healthdirect Australia and speak with a registered nurse. You’ll get fast, expert advice about any health issue, helping you make an informed decision about how to manage it.

Healthdirect Australia - Call 1800 022 222

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